Namazi Pehran-Susi for Bohra Mumineen

Pure white normal material pehran Rs 750 to 950 as per size.
Pure white premium material pehran Rs 900 to 1175 as per size.
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Soft susi izar
Waist Slim (S).. Rs 425
Waist Medium/Large (L).. Rs 450
Waist XXL.. Rs 475
Waist XXXL.. Rs 525
Elastic+Nari ₹75 extra (like Track Pant)
Custom pehran/susi stitching: min quantity 4
Premium quality soft cotton Moulana brand Lungi ₹500

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  • Our pehrans are made from pure white soft irritation-free cotton.
  • Excellent stitching and finishing.
  • Click here to see size chart

  • Pehran for Kids