Shipping Rates in INR (PER KG RATE)

6 kgs 11 kgs W.Days Service
India Guj/Mah Rs 50. Other Rs 70. 2-5 Anjani
USA 820 680 5-7 DHL
Canada 780 680 5-7 DHL
UK 550 480 5-6 DPD
UAE 380 330 4-5 Self
Ken 850 800 7-8 FedEx
France 750 650 7-8 FedEx
Aus 690 - 7-8 FedEx
SL 650 - 4-5 FedEx
NZ 790 750 7-8 FedEx
Please message for shipping to all other countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt.

Important for international shipping

- Shipping costs may fluctuate. Actual weight (or volumetric weight) and cost is known after packing.
- Shipping rates include Rs 50/kg overhead expenses.
- Clothes are compressed to minimise package volume and shipping costs.
- We assure you of timely despatch from our end, but sometimes there are delays in flight connection/transit.
- You will receive tracking number SMS from the shipping company 3-5 days after pickup from our place.
- In some countries, you may have to pay additional import/customs duty after it reaches your country.
- If you are unavailable on the day of delivery, please coordinate with the shipping branch at your end.

Important for courier within India

- Give the name, address, landmark, pincode, contact number exactly as it should be written on package.
- Within India we ship via Anjani Courier service by rail/road. If you prefer any other courier service or your location is remote, let us know in advance.
- Please track the parcel yourself with the tracking number we give you. If you are unavailable on the day of delivery, please coordinate with the courier branch at your end.